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Fan Letters is a coffee table biography in photos & letters written by her fans. Patti Waggin was a burlesque queen from 1946-1962 married to major league pitcher Don Rudolph until his untimely death in 1968. From Schiffer Pub. Limited Edition Version available. Click here. $49.99
The L-A Affair is the second in the Lancer series. Lancer travels to a bustling LA and the SF Valley to foil a plot of international proportions with three nations all trying to rule what will become the Golden State with its vast resources.   $10.99 
    Be a student of history, not a victim of it.

"The Prescott Affair" is the first in a series of Western novels based on good guy, gun-for-hire, Lancer. An educated mystery man, Lancer works out of Tombstone in the 1880's and solves crimes with his brains first, before resorting to his fast gun. $14.99 

Now a Member of the Western Writers of America
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"Tales of My Baseball Youth" a child of the 60's, is a book about relationships, growing up and facing a turbulent changing world at a young age when nothing else mattered but the game of baseball, or so we thought. It's a book about relationships with baseball as the central theme running through it.It is $11.99 + Shipping, but to start sales we're at $10 plus $4 shipping.
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​In the "Santa Fe Affair," Lancer takes on injustice on many levels. He travels to New Mexico and meets up with more legendary figures including Billy the Kid, as he tries to rescue a little boy from the hands of the cruel rulers of a small town. $11.99.
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