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No Barrier: How the Internet Destroyed the World Economy is a powerful award winning yet controversial book about how the Internet obliterated the long time business model and drove many companies out of business. $14.99 
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Questions: 323-577-4262323-577-4262 or bob.pattiwaggin@gmail.com
.It is 25 years after 9-11. A band of Americans with roots in the Middle East plot for years to over throw the USA. Home grown terrorism is real. This is a story of how the FBI tries to thwart them. $14.99 Video Trailer Youtube 
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Fan Letters is a coffee table biography in photos & letters written by her fans. Patti Waggin was a burlesque queen from 1946-1962 married to major league pitcher Don Rudolph until his untimely death in 1968. From Schiffer Pub. Limited Edition Version available. Click here. $49.99. www.pattiwaggin.com
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​In the "Santa Fe Affair," Lancer takes on injustice on many levels. He travels to New Mexico and meets up with more legendary figures including Billy the Kid, as he tries to rescue a little boy from the hands of the cruel rulers of a small town. $13.99.
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The LA Affair takes Lancer to the bustling metro city and the San Fernando Valley as he's called on to avert a war which would change the make up of the expanding United States forever. $13.99
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The El Paso Affair is the fourth book in the "Lancer; Hero of the West" series. Lancer leaves Tombstone on a mission to help out a friend in El Paso, the day before friends Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday are invovled in the Gunfight at the OK CoralClick here. $13.99
​In the "New Orleans Affair," Lancer takes on injustice on many levels. He travels to the Crescent City and meets up with more legendary figures including Geronimo, as he tries to find out who is stealing military shipments of guns. $15.99.
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"Tales of My Baseball Youth" a child of the 60's, is a book about relationships, growing up and facing a turbulent changing world at a young age when nothing else mattered but the game of baseball, or so we thought. It's a book about relationships with baseball as the central theme running through it.It is $15.99 + plus $4 shipping.
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